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Fire Damage

Whether it is a small kitchen fire to a large industrial fire we have the expertise to help you navigate your way through the claim process so that you receive a full recovery.


Wind Damage

Wind damage to the roof and fence can be frustrating to deal with since the insurance company will tell you that there is no damage to the shingles even though you saw the shingles blown up at the time of the storm. We are there to assist and make sure the adjuster correctly identifies the shingles that were damaged by winds.


Hail Damage

Hail damage to the home or commercial buildings is not always obvious to the untrained eye. We have experience and know what hail damage looks like for the types of composition roofs, metal roofs, modified bitumen roofs, TPO or other single-ply membrane roofs, or built-up roofs with or without gravel ballast. We utilize the latest technology to assist in the proper adjustment of hail claims.

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Water Damage

Water damage claims need to be handled properly and adjusted correctly so the repairs can be made that will minimize the risk of mold being left untreated in the house to grow and potentially cause health problems. Types of water damage are slab leaks, toilet overflows, supply lines to the toilet, sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator may develop small leaks or rupture, and this can cause major damage to the building. The insurance adjuster will only pay for “visible” damage even though common sense should tell them that the water damaged the cabinets or wall behind the sink or appliance.


Tornado Damage

When a tornado hits your home or business, more than likely you have been traumatized by the event. We are there to assist you to ensure that you receive the proper settlement from the insurance company. We assist you with making sure the building is adjusted properly and can hire engineers to determine if the building is structurally sound or not and what repairs would be needed. We also help you with the contents portion of the claim. We have lots of experience in handling content claims on buildings that were totally destroyed and can help you fill out the forms that the insurance company will provide you.


Smoke Damage

There may be smoke damage to your property even though there was no fire at your house or building. There may be a wildfire nearby, a neighboring building had a fire, or maybe your air conditioner motor overheated and started smoking and pumped the smoke into the building. We have the ability to help and make sure you receive the proper settlement for the damage.


Flood Damage

Flood claims are very tricky to handle. Most claims are handled by the National Flood Insurance Program, they have very strict guidelines and the adjusters are afraid to properly adjust and pay for covered items due to the fact that if FEMA determines that the adjuster overpaid on the claim, they will go back to the adjuster and make him personally reimburse FEMA the overpayment amount. This causes almost all flood claims to be underpaid.

Fire Hydrant


Vandalism claims create some issues that may allow the insurance company to deny the claim. However, with experience and knowledge, we are able to assist you in making sure the claim gets the proper settlement.



We will walk you through the process and help you with the required documentation and help with the listing of the stolen items and research the current pricing to make sure you receive the proper settlement.


Building Collapse

Collapse claims are tricky to handle since some insurance policies exclude building collapses under certain situations. We have the knowledge to review the policy and determine the best way to approach these types of claims.



Whether the explosion happened on your property or one in the vicinity we are there to assist you in obtaining the proper settlement.

New Houses

Builders Risk

We handle all types of damages under the builder's risk policies. Whether it is hail damage, wind damage, tornado damage, fire damage, or any other covered peril. We will review the policy to make sure that the proper settlement is obtained. It doesn’t matter if the project was only 5% complete or 95% complete we are there to assist.

Hardware Warehouse

Business Income Extra Expenses

These are the claims that are almost always underpaid. Most insurance adjusters do not have the knowledge to correctly determine what the proper settlement should be. Should half of your manufacturing facility burn down and several machines with it? We help with determining what the lost income is going to be while the building gets rebuilt and machines get reinstalled. Also during the phase, there may be a need to lease another building to store undamaged items or equipment so as to keep some of the business operations flowing. We will help assist you with obtaining the proper settlement for these extra expenses.


Electrical and Mechanical

These claims are difficult claims to properly adjust due to this specific type of policy that is limited on when it can be used. Most of the time the boiler breaks down causing the other manufacturing machines that it powers are down as well. These claims almost always have some sort of business interruption and/or extra expenses involved. Sometimes there are actually claims on both the mechanical breakdown policy and the commercial policy. We know the policies and will help obtain the proper settlement.

For Lease Sign

Leasehold Interest

When you own the build and tenants have made some additions and there is a covered loss, determining which policy should cover the damages can be tricky. We are there to assist in the proper settlement.

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